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Domestic and commercial strip outs

Minimal demolition are quickly becoming the preferred choice in both commercial and domestic strip out work. The reason for this is we give total consideration to your home or business when we do ourwork.

For example, if we are stripping your home of tiles, vinyl, carpet, timber or kitchen and bathroom suits
we try to do so in a manner that is least disruptive for your family. We understand this is your home so
we try and get in, do our work and get out within one day. Our flooring services use up-to-date
machinery. This means that we reduce dust and emissions as far as we can in your home so your life
is impacted as little as possible.

If we are stripping a commercial site, the same principles apply. We recognise we are coming into
your business or a construction project so we endeavour to get in and out as quickly as possible. If it
is your business site, we want to be of least interruption to your business. It is a construction project,
we work in with your tradesmen to do our job in a way that fits in with the flow of their project.

The quality of our strip outs, our commitment to cleanliness and minimising disruptions for you are the
reasons why we are becoming the Waikato’s preferred supplier of floor stripping services. We are
waiting to complete your project, so give us a call today on  +642108848618 or email

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